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Sanet y Negrals is one of the five towns that make up the Rectory sub-region. It is not known exactly how long this municipality was inhabited but different deposits found in the area show that there have been settlers since ancient times.

The first historical data are found in the 16th century. At this time there was a large manor house, owned by a feudal lord (popularly known as “La Senyoria”). This Palace was surrounded by a few houses that constituted the place of Negrals and were inhabited by Moors who conreaven the lands of the voltant. In 1570 the town was acquired by D. Lorenzo Merita and his wife Andrea Gisbert, the first known feudal lords in the history of the municipality. Later, in the western part of Negrals, another llogaret known by the name of Sanet was built, also inhabited by Moors who were dedicated to farming.

In 1646 and after the expulsion of the Moors, both Sanet and Negrals were repopulated by families of Balearic origin who came from Mallorca to take over the farmland.

Sanet and Negrals were separated at first, each forming its corresponding municipality, even after being granted the pueblas letters during the reign of Felipe III. In 1820 they were united in a single town called Legal Union. In 1823 they separated for political reasons and in 1834 they were definitively united by order of Isabel II, forming a municipality called Sanet y los Negrals.