D. Joaquin Gavila Mengual

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the new website of the Sanet y Negrals Town Council.

As mayor, I am proud to be able to show my town to all those who access through this portal, and that it serves to encourage them to pay us a visit.

Likewise, I take this unique opportunity to address all the saneter @ s, who are making it possible for our people to advance on the path towards a more modern, tolerant and open society.

This website will be a new means of communication to be able to address the City Council directly, at any time and from anywhere. We intend an approach to the citizen and visitor that will make their relationship with the administration more comfortable and simple and, at the same time, the possibility of being informed about all the events, acts and news relevant to everyone.

I take this opportunity to encourage all those who do not know our people, to come, to enjoy our rich historical, artistic and cultural heritage, our succulent and varied gastronomy, our festivals and especially the company of the neighbors of Sanet y Negrals.

I invite you to make what will surely be a surprising and profitable virtual visit to the resources of the municipality and its City Council.

Mr. Joaquín Gavilá Mengual

Mayor of Sanet and Negrals