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Sanet y Negrals is located in the northeast of the
Alicante province, in the Marina Alta region. It has 664 inhabitants, according to the 2013 census.

It is found attached to the slopes of the Sierra de Segaria, in the sub-region called La Rectoría.

Its enclave in the valley of the river Girona and its tributary La Bolata make its lands fertile and rich in the production of citrus and vegetables. Its territory, of about 4 km2, borders the municipalities of Beniarbeig, Benidoleig, Benimeli and Tormos. The municipality is located at an altitude of 82 meters above
sea level and only 10 km from the beach and enjoys a mild climate almost all year round.

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A little of history

Sanet y Negrals is one of the five towns that make up the Rectory sub-region. It is not known exactly how long this municipality was inhabited but different deposits found in the area show that there have been settlers since ancient times.